Beijing Huaan General Aviation Co., Ltd.


Beijing HuaAn General Aviation Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred as HuaAn General Aviation) is the General Aviation Enterprise registered with classified A. HuaAn General Aviation was presented to the State Civil Aviation Administration of China and approved by the Civil Aviation Administration of North China to establish the aviation corporation in General and Low-Altitude coverage. Ever since founded on April 3, 2013 that HuaAn General Aviation has become the landmark enterprise as an initiated aviation corporation in China.      

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HuaAn General Aviation has been located in Beijing PingGu General Motors Aeronautics Industrial Base which is taken the field of 7,500/mu  (1,235.5/acre). There are 10 airports surrounded, 6 airline routes planned and the airspace of 1,000/km² (247,105/acre) got set up with the Beijing PingGu General Motors Aeronautics Industrial Base. In more than 4 years that HuaAn General Aviation has completed the construction of the airport runway, hangar and the oil depot, also the surveillance network to monitor and control the flight operation in low altitude as the build up of the solid foundation for our further development in the general aviation industry.

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HuaAn General Aviation own 8 of Tecnam Aircraft, 3 of Beach Aircraft, 9 of Diamond Aircraft, 1 of Cirrus Aircraft for total of 21 Aircraft under operation .

主运营基地(Main Operating Base):

  河北承德机场(Hebei Chengde Airport)

常态化运营基地(Routine Operation Base):

  北京平谷石佛寺机场(Beijing Pinggu Shifosi Airport)

  内蒙古乌兰察布机场(Inner Mongolia Wulanchabu Airport)

通航转场机场(Transit Airport):

  北京八达岭机场(Beijing Badaling Airport)

  天津窦庄机场(Tianjin Douzhuang Airport)

  天津塘沽机场(Tianjin Tanggu Airport)

  河北平泉机场(Hebei Pingquan Airport)

  河北山海关机场(Hebei Shanhaiguan Airport)

  河北石家庄栾城机场(Hebei Shijiazhuang Luancheng Airport)

  河北北戴河机场(Hebei Beidaihe Airport)

  河北保定江城机场(Hebei Baodingjiangcheng Airport)

  河北黄骅机场(Hebei Huanghua Airport)

  河北邯郸机场(Hebei Handan Airport)

Field Training of Flying Route at Beijing Pinggu Shifosi Airport Take Off and Landing

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The business scope of HuaAn General Aviation is the Classified A subjects. The majority of  operations are in the home land of China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) such as:  Flying Tutoring and  Training on the Private or Commercial License Qualification, Flying Experiment , Sales and Distribution of Aircraft, Escrow, Aerial Photography, Aerial Mapping, Aerial Advertising , Commute Flight, Air Freight Logistic, Scientific Experiments and so on.


In order to expand the maintenance, repair, sales and other businesses of general aviation, hua 'an tonghang has set up a controlling subsidiary, including: jintaoyuan airport management co., LTD., Beijing gurui general aircraft maintenance co., LTD., zhongyan aviation fuel (Beijing) co., LTD., Beijing nebula simulator flight training co., LTD. It effectively guaranteed the flight operation of Beijing general aviation industrial base.


Along with the rapidly growing business of general aviation in China, follow by the national policy of opening up the airspace of low-altitude gradually that HuaAn General Aviation is getting ready to create the Aviation Academy in Beijing for the mission to deliver much more excellent pilots to meet the demand of aviation industry in China.



HuaAn General Aviation has been holding the new generation concept of " Great Navigation" at the very beginning when established and build up the corporation.  Under the kind support  and great sponsorship not only by  the People's Government in Beijing Pinggu District and the Committee of Navigation Management, also the China Air Force and the Civil Aviation Authority, HuaAn General Aviation happened to meet the strategic opportunities in the historic period of time when the low altitude airspace just  got opened up in the home land China, plus the aid of practical and successful  experience from the aviation development of foreign countries. HuaAn General Aviation adhere to the ideology and the guiding of "Mutual Benefit " and "Joint Development".  Our precepts are "The Sparkle Willness, Practical Wisdom, Perseverance and Persistence, Pioneering and Innovation" to present the Chinese characteristics of adapting the oriented aviation development.


HuaAn General Aviation set the goal of  management to be: "Standard of Safety, Extreme Quality, Economic Efficiency, Leading Aviation". With the spirit of pioneering and pragmatical attitude, HuaAn General Aviation is going toward a prosperous prospect in the near future.